Chairperson: Robert Giesbrecht, Pitblado law firm

1. Call to Order and Welcome Message- Curtis Berthelette, President

2. Proof of Notice and Quorum Check - Curtis Berthelette, President

3. Approval and Additions of Agenda - Motion to accept Agenda

4. Motion to accept the October 28, 2018 AGM minutes

5. President’s Report- Curtis Berthelette

6. Treasurer’s Report–Judy LeRoye, Treasurer – Motion to accept the Financial report. (NOTICE NO AUDITOR)

7. Condo Fees and Reserve Fund Report: - Curtis Berthelette, President

8. Liens on Properties. Results and Foreclosure on lot 45

9. Vote required: Amendment to By-law No. 1 –Default and Enforcement (document sent with AGM notice). _ BUT NO AMENDMENTS FOR ACTUAL BY-LAWS from past meetings RE TOW AWAY visitors vehicles?

10. Road Maintenance Report: - Jason Gauthier, Vice President

11. Security Issues and Gate Report – Jason Gauthier, VP, Marcel Guay, Director

12. Boat Launch update – Marcel Guay, Director

13. Update to WCC466 Motion Brief and Injunction results – February 2019

14. Statement of Defence and Counterclaim filed on April 24th– Curtis Berthelette

15. Vote required: Election for 2 Replacement Directors (Curtis Berthelette and Judy LeRoye are resigning)- Anyone interested in submitting their nomination please complete the attached form and return to the Secretary a.s.a.p.

16. New Business: A reminder that new agenda items can be discussed but no voting to occur. A special meeting would need to be call on urgent matters.

17. Adjournment


CONDO FEES for 2019-20 are due on July 1, 2019, in the amount of $200.00 and are due immediately to avoid liens as per The Condominium Act, Section 162(1). Please make cheque payable to The Winnipeg Condo Corp. No. 466 and mail immediately to:

The Winnipeg Condo Corp No. 466 of Ayers Cove
Attention Treasurer
14 Gauvreau Rd
Winnipeg MB R3X 1E6

Reminder: If you are unable to attend the AGM please make every effort to designate a proxy (form attached). We want to make every effort to acknowledge everyone’s right to vote and ensure your voice is heard.

Please keep the Secretary apprised of current contact information to include your email address, mailing address, and phone number. We would really appreciate using email addresses to bring down the cost.

Enclosures sent to WCC466 Members only:
Proxy document
Ayers Cove Consent form for Board of Director nomination
2018 AGM minutes (included and on Facebook Acct)
Amendment to By Law No. 1 (included with this document)
Statement of Defence and Counterclaim (See Facebook Acct or contact Secretary for copy
Motion Brief of the Respondent (See Facebook Acct or contact Secretary for copy)
WCC466 vs Ivon Saber (see Facebook Acct or contact Secretary for copy)
Affidavit of Curtis Berthelette(see Facebook acct or contact Secretary for copy)