Snc students 1996, 1997, 98,99 2000,2001, 2002 anywhere around there!
I wanted to have a reunion and see some old familiar faces!!!
Some of the old teachers are coming MR. Dixon and Bruce North and working on some others!!

Ok event is June 22nd!!
Buffet dinner at 6pm.
Doors open 5pm
Southwood Golf & Convention Centre in St. Norbert.
You can buy tickets now through link on Facebook.
It’s through event Brite, so tickets are $60, but they add their fees at checkout so it works out to $63.and change per ticket.

A number of people were interested in this.
We need a number of people as a minimum or else I’m out of pocket!!

Bring a date/partner/friend if you want!
Share with friends not
In Facebook or that I have not contacted!!

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link. The location should be specified.