About: Learn about the real estate investing, get your problems solved, network with our members and be a part of our power team! Develop deal sources, build your buyers list, raise capital, pick up new partnerships and get educated about the marketplace! Save the date for our free event at the number one real estate investment meet-up in the area.

Event Program: Team Made Real Estate networking event series at 236 Osborne St. South #3 at the Get Assist Network Centre. During the event we will be announcing more membership results and testimonials. As well as our next Team Made Investor Of The Month Trophy Cup! Special Guest: Ms. Genevieve Ramos, international property specialist at Cebufirst Realty Ventures.

Education and Training: Team Made Real Estate is an online real estate investing academy. Founded by Valen Vergara in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Our academy provides active and prospective investors with the knowledge and training they need to understand the components of a real estate business. Overall, you will obtain personalized mentorship and products to enhance your real estate career and improve your ability to acquire and manage profitable real estate projects.

Membership Results...

"I joined the program, and it helped me close my first deal and now I am working on closing it, and through the program, I have continuous coaching, I always have help and I am super excited to be part of the team." - Phoenix LaPointe

"In my first year I did one flip took me 6 months start to finish, and I found my next deal after a month of joining Team Made Real Estate and got the coaching that I needed. Since then it's been nothing but real estate deals, more than I know what to do with!" - Kevin Bowes

"We have been students with Team Made Real Estate for about six months and we have been able to secure our first deal, we have been able to learn a whole lot of stuff, and if you're ever able to take action in real estate, we encourage you to contact somebody at Team Made Real Estate." - Kevin & Melissa Drysdale

"I recently joined the Team Made Real Estate team, we are so thankful to Team Made for helping make our dreams come true!" - Manpreet Kaler

"I recently joined Team Made Real Estate, they guided me through the process, to looking at the deals, making sure that the numbers are right, and doing my due diligence, to make that offer, I successfully got my first deal and I am very proud of myself!" - Marc Ting

"My story is that ever since getting involved with Team Made Real Estate, I have received a lot of knowledge on how to talk to the people who can help you out in life, I now have this house down the street now, a rental property, and I just finished getting a renter signed up to get into the place!" - Kelly Wiebe

Sponsors: Darryl Walsh - Royal Le Page. Naureen Punjani - AccuRoot Financial Solutions. Keith Gordon - AV. Jas Saini - JSaini Chartered Accountant. Christian Narciso - ViewsualMedia. David & Kevin Senft - Performance Prosites. Karen L. Silverman - Staging Works Winnipeg. Garret Wong - Upper Edge Property Management. Norman Garcia - Mr. Peg Property Inspections. Team Made Construction - Construction and Renovations.

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