How would you like the provincial government to be spending your tax dollars?
What public services and programs do you need to build a healthy life?

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba is holding open consultations on these questions and more to build a provincial budget that reflects different community's priorities and needs.

We want to hear from folks in South Winnipeg on the aspects of the provincial budget most pertinent to you, things like: health care, education, climate change, community economic development and eradicating poverty.

Come on out and make your ideas heard!

Light refreshments provided.

Please RSVP through Eventbrite here.

Our national office has released an Alternative Federal Budget every year for more than two decades. The last Alternative Manitoba Provincial Budget was in 2006. Our office has done four Winnipeg Alternative Municipal Budgets (AMB) over the past ten years.

Alternative budgets are rooted in the belief that making budgets is about choices—what do we choose to invest in, and what do we choose not to invest in.

Because they are participatory, and people are asked to think about budgetary choices, alternative budgets are powerful educational, as well as political, tools.