In a single week, Lea had sex for the first time while also discovering she wasn't just into men. The year following her sexual unearthing involved a number of physical interactions and countless Google searches: how does one have her hair pulled? What if my legs can't bend that way? How do I know if I'm queer enough? Unsatisfied with what she finds, Lea sits down to create her own vlog to guide other sexually explorative folks through their uncertainties, in hopes that she can give someone the straightforward answer she never received.

Playwright: Marie Kozyra of Buried Seeds Productions
Performer(s): Marie Kozyra
Director: Olivia Raine
Stage Manager: Kimberly Martin
Choreographer: Melissa Langdon

Venue #10 - Planetarium Auditorium (Accessable!)
Tickets can be purchased in advance through the link provided!
Tickets are $12 in cash at the door
$10 in cash for students and other Fringe performers
Rated: Mature
Content Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Homophobia