MTYP's Summer Studio presents

The Witches
based on the Book by Roald Dahl
Adapted be David Wood

At the Winnipeg Fringe!

“Down with children! Do them in!
Boil their bones and fry their skin!”
A wicked take on Roald Dahl's tale of action, bravery, mice, and evil witches who want nothing more than
to sqvish, svollop and squelch children.
Grandmama has warned Boy how to protect himself from real witches, but can anything prepare him for meeting the Grand High Witch?
Brought to life by the same company who gave you last year’s "Tumbling After" ****1/2 –WFP

MTYP Summer Studio is:
Directed by Theresa Thomson
Assisted Directed and Stage Managed by Erica Hastings
Character and Scene Development Trinity Landygo
Featuring the onstage talent of:
Al Gilbert
Claire Hill
Erich Roesler-Yue
Jean Blandon
Juliette Schroder-Suss
Lauren Andres
Natalie Stefanson
Nemanya Bheema Roksandic
Rhianna Mathers
Samuel Benson
Victoria McNeil
William Krovats