Come joins us for our Full Moon Attunement~ Cacao Ceremony at the beautiful studio of Cloakroom Wellness! Utilizing these energies and alignments during this Full Moon to anchor in new light codes while restoring, rejuvenating, and harmonizing our 4 body systems.

This full moon transformational evening will entail sharing a traditional Cacao elixir for heart opening and expansion, being anointed with a heart opening aromatherapy blend followed by a guided meditation activating our light bodies while balancing the chakras using visualization and toning, a gentle yoga series continued by 60 minutes of sound healing using crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, medicine songs & mantras as well as individual Attunements to nourish the flourish all 4 body systems, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These Attunements are a great way to recharge, reboot, restore, activate cellular rejuvenation, DNA activation and connecting with your higher self and spirit guides for overall health and wellbeing. What to bring: Water, extra yoga mat if you like although one is provided and a pillow and blanket if you would like to be cozy for the lay down part!

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early!


Sam & Brie

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link. The location should be specified - 70 Albert St.