Creat, Inflate, Maintain Space...Join us at the beautiful, new Cloakroom Wellness space on Sunday, July 21st for this special intro price Block Therapy Class.

Instructor, Heather McLeod Whitla will lead us through an hour long class that will cover the basics of Block Therapy. All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome to join us! Anyone can participate and all will benefit!

Block Therapy is a is a therapy, exercise, and meditation combined! With the aid of the Block Buddy, which is a handcrafted cedar block that fits the contours of the body & is able to sink deeply into the body, warming the connective tissue, releasing restrictions and improving blood flow.

Other reported benefits of block therapy are that it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, releases toxins, speeds healing of acute injuries, improves the appearance of skin and hair, and reduces cellulite.

Heather will be on hand after the class to answer any questions and if we have enough ongoing intrest then we can make this a permanent weekly class. To learn more about Block Therapy visit the website