Dates: July 15 and 16, 2019

Mon. July 15 6pm -10pm
Tues. July 16 6pm -10pm


$150 for the full course (limit of 10 registrants)
$50 to audit (participate in the warm-ups and explorations and observe the work of the participating artists)

Registration Deadline:

NEW DEADLINE May 27 @ 5 pm - but register early as space is limited!

What to bring:

Bring a 12-14 line speech from Shakespeare's canon that inspires you, some loose fitting clothing and some serious enthusiasm. The speech you choose may or may not have been used prior to this event.

About the Workshop:

This workshop will be a fun workout for the actor’s body, voice and imagination. The focus will be on pragmatic rehearsal techniques designed to help you find the dynamic physical actions embedded in Shakespeare's words, while nurturing and developing a vivid and personal relationship with your characters’ journey. The workshop broaches Shakespeare with an incredibly comprehensive approach, covering everything from group exercises, pre-performance strategies, performance, mock auditions and one-on-one consultations. Registration is limited to maximize the amount of one-on-one time for each participant; auditing spots are available for those wishing to observe the process.

About Christopher

Christopher is a founding member of Bard on the Beach, a graduate of the Playhouse Acting School, and a respected director, actor, and teacher. In 2005 he received the Edmund Kean Sword Award for Lifetime Achievement from Bard on the Beach. He has twice been nominated for Jessie Richardson Awards - including an Outstanding Direction nod for Shakespeare’s Richard II (Bard on the Beach). Christopher has acted and taught across North America and in Europe.


"I have worked with Christopher many times. His depth of understanding of Shakespeare helps you to find truth in your work and to truly appreciate and love the text." - Yvette Lu 

"I have nothing but praise for Christopher Weddell’s Shakespeare workshops. He teaches you how to work Shakespeare and make the Bard’s words work for you: exercises in discovery, breakthroughs in understanding, practical audition tips. The techniques Christopher employs can be used by any actor, experienced or otherwise, to great success. From a cold read to a finished piece, working Shakespeare has never been more successful for me, thanks to Christopher." - Susie Mullen

"Christopher Weddell is a fantastic teacher and coach. He is caring, wise and gifted at working with actors. He is Splinter to all us Ninja Turtles." - Joel Bernbaum 

"Christopher is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent teachersI have come across. His knowledge and dedication to his craft and this business, is a constant inspiration in my own career." -KyleMac 

"Christopher Weddell is a Shakespearean master - sign up for this course, you will never work harder, learn more or have a better time!" - Ian Ferguson

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