SHOW OPEN: August 1st - 13th @ Fleet Galleries
ARTIST RECEPTION: August 8th: 1pm - 8pm

Come down to Fleet Galleries (65 Albert Street) Anytime between 1pm & 8pm on Thursday August 8th!I I will be there hanging out with all my latest work and prints, I would love to see you!
If you can't make it to the Reception I will also be there August 2nd for "First Fridays in the Exchange" and my work will be hanging until August 13th! :)

Containing over 30 pieces, this particular body of work aims to open a window into the world of perceiving with blended senses. Through the use of spray-paint and acrylic, each abstract expressionist piece is composed of the colours I see upon hearing or reading it’s title.

I have what is known as Colour-grapheme Synesthesia/ Conceptual Synesthesia which means I see both letters and numbers in vivid colour. Abstract concepts, such as units of time or mathematical operations I see as shapes projected internally or in the space around me. Having never been able to properly describe these projections using just words, each of my Synesthetic pieces is an attempt at a clearer translation ... I hope you enjoy what you see!