Free One Day Buddhist Retreat in Winnipeg
When: Saturday,August 17th
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: 61 Carlton Street (Just south of Broadway) Winnipeg, MB R3C 1N7 (Dalnavert Museum Auditorium)
Charge: Free

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Join us for a day of learning and practising the Buddha's teachings. The day is led by Buddhist monks trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. The pacing is relaxed so it is suitable for people of all experience levels. Instructions will be given through the day so you can understand what is being taught. This is a very rare opportunity to come together with others interested in developing peace and happiness.

​We are happy to provide participants with the lunch time-meal (11 am to 12 pm) It will be mostly vegetarian. If you are a strict vegetarian or have other dietary limitations, we suggest that you bring food that you are comfortable eating.

You can wear anything that is comfortable. Some people like to wear white, but this is totally optional.

We will have cushions and chairs to sit on, but if you have a cushion and a mat, please bring them along. The floor is uncarpeted.

Never been to one of our retreats before? Find out what to expect. Nervous about being in a big group? Read some tips we have for folks with social anxiety.

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Let us know if you have any questions!

Approximate schedule:
8:00 am Explanation of and taking the Eight Precepts (taking the Eight Precepts is optional but recommended)
8:20 am Brief meditation instructions and silent meditation
9:00 am Dhamma Talk (Buddhist teachings)
10:00 am the Tea break
10:15 am Guided meditation
10:45 am Chanting and meal dedication
11:00 am the Lunch Meal
12:15 pm Chanting
12:30 pm Meditation
1:00 pm Dhamma Talk
2:00 pm tea break
2:15 pm Guided meditation
2:45 pm Silent meditation
3:15 pm Q&A, meditation
3:50 pm Closing dedication of merits
4:00 pm Cleanup