Get ready for 2019 MS Bike – Gimli or 2019 MS Bike – Riding Mountain with our free Winnipeg training rides.

We welcome riders of all skill levels abilities to take part in our training rides and encourage our first-time participants and novice cyclists to join us out on the road! These rides provide a great opportunity to meet new individual’s, build new friendships and learn new bike specific skills!


- Hydration
- Nutrition
- Basic mechanical (Air, Brakes & Bars, Chain & Cranks) changing a tire
- What’s in your tool bag?
- Importance of recovery
- How to ride in a group
- How to ride in a paceline (to stay out of the wind and go faster)
- What you need to carry on ride day


The first six rides will depart from the south east corner of the No Frills parking lot, (formerly Extra Foods) Southglen Shopping Centre, (740 St. Anne’s Rd.) The last ride will leave from the MS Society Office (#100-1465 Buffalo Place) and will coincide with advanced check-in/info night.

Just like the MS Rides, these are rain or shine but not lightning, hail or crazy windy (winds gusting above 50km/h).

Depending on the abilities of the group we will have 2 destinations:

GRANDE POINTE, A 5 km ride south to a 9.5km loop where groups will split up into different abilities and work on improving skills with hands-on coaching. Some may only do one lap, where others may do 3 laps. Riders will all head back together. The more advanced group may find themselves working up to a 25km/h average speed as they work to improve their skills in Paceline riding, drafting and riding in an echelon. For others the focus may simply be to improve their own speed and endurance while having knowledgeable coaching available.

ST. ADOLPHE, this route offers more of a simulation to the MS bike tours. It is a 50km return trip out St Mary’s Road, less coaching and more riding.

For more information, contact Jordie Moryl at (204) 943-9595 x4912 or [email protected]