Looking to escape stresses, and distractions of everyday life and allow yourself a moment to recharge and re-connect? Yin Yoga on the heated mineral stone is a passive form of Yoga that targets the deeper connective tissues in the body. This therapeutic class incorporates longer, more mindful holds with an emphasis on the area between the navel and the knees (lower back, hips, and hamstrings. Benefits of this Yin yoga practice can include increased mobility, better sleep, reduced stress, and improved body awareness. The heated mineral stone is releasing Far Infrared Rays. This will slowly and deeply warm your body. This thermal healing. Stone helps to reduce arthritic pain, Improving digestion, improving quality of sleep and more..

Cost is $20+tax for the first time. Regular drop in rate is $35+tax. Please be sure to book your spot on the website or call 204-488-1314.

*Things to bring - Large towel, small towel, water bottle, and change of exercise clothes.