WE ARE HAVING A PAINT PARTY! No experience needed.
Already a painter, well come on out and join us, make the time to paint. Bring your friends.

You can join the fun. Find out what thousands of happy painters already know - Painting is fun with BOOZE!!

Still not convinced? Check out our video of our Paint Parties

Event Info: Your admission includes everything needed to recreate the featured painting. From aprons, paints, stencil, brushes, step-by-step instruction from local professional artist and a 16 x 20" canvas to take home! We do the set up and the cleanup. No stress for you. We just ask that you arrive early so that you can select your seat. If you are in a large group the earlier the better. This will give you time to get your drinks and any food you might like.

Seating is limited.

September 5, 2019,
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm,

Blue Room Billiards
866 Notre Dame
Winnipeg, MB

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