Level 1: A healthy attachment between an infant and loving parents or caregivers creates a lasting sense of security and safety for the child. This allows for optimal growth, development, relationships and ultimately learning. When the attachment relationship is disrupted or fails to develop, children feel insecure, unsafe and anxious. Not only does a person’s behavior develop under the influence of attachment but actual brain development is affected by early attachment interactions.
The goal of this workshop is to give an understanding of how these early attachments affect our actions throughout life. Through presentations, stories, videotapes and small groups, participants will learn to identify different types of attachment patterns. Ultimately, understanding the attachment model of counselling helps provide valuable insight and skill to those of us who are in therapeutic, education and caregiving roles.
Level 2:
In this workshop you will be provide with a solid understanding of attachment patterns and relationships. Following Level 1, this training will focus on interventions. Relevant, specific, attachment focused interventions and strategies related to age specific attachment styles will be presented to assist the service provider when working with families around attachment.