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The Job Market Context:

Job Search in Canada is very challenging, there are several barriers that could stand in the way of any experienced job seeker in Canada.

Based on personal experience and the stories of experienced job applicants, there is a lack of feedback from employers after interviews and lack of response to applications that feeds frustrations.

It's a common experience to spend several hours of efforts writing tons of job applications but without any meaningful result. Job seekers will face various barriers like Canadian work experience, random feedbacks after interviews, evasive recruiters and shady employment agents, it's usually a project in frustration for new immigrants if you're not adequately equipped for a successful job search in Canada.
There is the tendency to give in to despair and not make any further job search efforts in your profession of choice but instead surrender to survival jobs despite past accomplishments in your career, this experience leads to a lack of confidence, regrets, and ultimately leads to job search depression.

The Lean Job search offers an innovative solutions developed in consultation with the industry stakeholders, and years of experience coaching and mentoring immigrant professionals with job search challenges in Canada.

This information session will explore effective job search methods, the kaizen job search strategies, key influencers' expectations and the use of referrals for an effective job search in Canada.


Cerial Projects Services has developed lean strategies for effective job search that leverages proven project management techniques, success strategies, a socialized, professional development, and industry approach that puts job seekers in control and empowers them for a job in their profession within 90 -180 days. If you don't want to wait 2-3 years before getting a job in your profession, you will need a support beyond the fruitless do-it-yourself approach of the online job search. This job search session will highlight the effective job-search strategies designed to help those in the job market who would like to break into their profession sooner.


The Canadian Job-Search Experience

Referral & Industry Dominant Strategies
Influencer & Stakeholder's Expectations
How It Works
(Assessments, Coaching & Training) by Industry ExpertsMastermindsKaizen MindsetThe Industry ApproachTarget Audience:
Active Job Seekers

Industry Professionals

Diploma Graduates

New Immigrant Professionals


Abiodun Oke, SCMP, PMP is a supply chain consultant and the founder of Cerial Project Services. He innovated the lean job search methods designed to help foreign-trained professionals get a job in their profession. He is very passionate about mentoring and supports job seekers in Canada with coaching and training experts and resource for a successful job search and career development.

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