A monthly meeting of truth seekers in religious/spiritual and magickal practice, mutually sharing and learning in a respectful environment with goals of self actualization and networking.


1.) All persons participating agree to a space of mutual respect.

2.) This is an environment of consent and discrimination will not be tolerated.

3.) All private information shared must be kept confidential. No recordings are permitted.

4.) All persons participating consent to open minded exchanges and accept personal responsibility for vetting information shared.

5.) All persons attending agree to being clear headed upon arrival.

6.) It's a small meeting room. Please scent sensitive.

If you can abide and respect the rules set in place by the first attendees you are welcome to join us.

We are limited to 15 people. Please call the shop at 204-779-8900 to register for your space. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER UNLESS YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND.

The next klatch discussion will be - OATHS -. Please research the topic, read books, watch documentaries etc to share what you've discovered with the group.


Two one hour structured discussions with a 30 minute break in between for free flow conversation and nibbles.

$5 donation is requested to cover costs and keep us in coffee cups.

Attendees are welcome to bring snacks and other goodies if they like, if it's homemade please label it with possible allergens.