Finance Your Small Business ft. guest speaker Glorife Dela Cruz, Account Manager for Business Development Bank of Canada.

Glorife will be discussing and answering questions all related to finding funding and financing your small business, whether you are just getting started, or looking to expand. She works with many small and large business owners in the City of Winnipeg and is your go to person for business funding. She will touch on some of the biggest questions; where do I go for funding? What does the process look like? Who can qualify, and for how much?

Not only does Glorife know business finance options, she also has vast experience with different businesses and can use her knowledge and expertise to help you with your small business.

Come prepared with any and all of your small business financing questions and leave with knowledge and solutions to finance your projects or protect your cash flow, and learn how you can finance your business to be successful and profitable.

If you have any questions on finding funding or financing for your small business, or if you want to know what your options are now and into the future, then this seminar is for you!

20th Floor 201 portage Avenue – September 16th 7:00pm Refreshments and Snacks will be provided.

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Location needs to be clarified - 201 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0B9