The Creative Foundation Inc is invented to empower and inspire the younger generation.

The Creative Foundation is inviting Tanmay Bakshi, a technology prodigy to Winnipeg for its 20th anniversary celebration on September 18th at the Holiday Inn, Pembina Hwy. Thanks to CTV for supporting the gala. Thanks also to Assiniboine Credit Union for co-sponsoring our events. We shall be acknowledging other sponsors as we receive the information. Workshops by Tanmay Bakshi is scheduled to teach over 100 registered high school students the workshop on Sept. 19th and the 20th.

Tanmay, a Canadian is a technology prodigy, a well-known TEDx speaker who has presented keynotes and workshops for professionals and high school students in more than ten countries. Tanmay is author, AI/ML expert, and a media personality who has addressed over 200,000 executives, leaders, intellectuals, and developers at international conferences, schools, universities, financial institutions, and multinationals. His passion to develop algorithms and work with machine learning lead him to apply this tech mainly in the fields of education and healthcare. Tanmay’s goal is to help at least 100,000 aspiring coders in learning how to code through his workshops and, seminars. Tanmay’s YouTube channel called “Tanmay Teaches” has earned him numerous recognitions like IBM Champion for Cloud and Google Developer
Expert for Machine Learning. We are glad Tanmay has accepted our invitation to present at the gala and to conduct the workshop for the high school students.

Our celebration will also feature a tribute to the late artist Dr. Leo Mol. We are including a guided tour of the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden for about fifteen local and international guests at 10:30 am on September 18. The tour is to make our international guests become familiar with the work of Dr. Mol ahead of the tribute. Dr. Mol supported the Creative Foundation in 2002 with his motivational keynote address at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and later provided advice to the organization for several years.

The following distinguished persons will receive the Creative Foundation Life Mentor Award:
Idowu Akinde, a professional Software Team Coach, Blockchain Architect, Data Scientist and CFI aluma
Tanmay Bakshi, a technology prodigy, the world's youngest IBM Watson Programmer and a well-known TEDx Talk presenter.
Dr. Tito Daodu, a Calgary-based Surgeon, educated at the University of Manitoba, and a Creative Foundation Inc. alumna.

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