Want to learn more about the new murals popping up around Downtown for #walltowallwpg this year? Join us on a walking tour and learn more about the visiting and local artists and artworks.

Meet the Synonym Art Consultation and Downtown Winnipeg BIZ team in front of the Fortune Block at 5:30PM.

1. Fortune Block - Jonato Dalayoan
(10 minutes to walk to stop 2)

2. Cyndie Belhumeur+ Shaneela Boodoo
(10 minutes to walk to stop 3)

3. The Garrick - Queen Andrea
(15 minutes to walk to stop 4)

4. Thom Bargen - Hanna Riemer
(5 minutes to walk to stop 5)

5. 399 Graham Ave. - Marco Muller
(10 minutes to walk to 6)

6. Fools & Horses - Katrina Mendoza + Randy Ortiz

Stick around for an art exhibition and tea demonstration with Nancy Nguyen at Fools & Horses and try out #walltowallwpg's collaboration beer with Barn Hammer Brewing Company!

Bring comfy shoes, water, and leave your pet pals behind.