Join the MEC crew, as we test out the best climbing spots this city has to offer. Three climb nights, the gear you need to climb, an outdoor rappel at the ice tower, (ice free this time of year), and entry into the our guest listed house party are included in your registration.

Register online using the link provided to join in on the whole crawl, immersing yourself in our local climb scene. Individual climb night registration is available by clicking on the name of the Climb Community listed in the table online. Cap off your crawl with the MEC Climb Party, a guest-listed, after hours celebration bringing together the citie's whole climbing community at the Co-op.


- Register for the MEC Climb Crawl to sign up for all our climb activities in one go, just hit "Register" online
- Experience zero FOMO, as you get to do it all.
- Individual climb/clinic registration will also be available, if one or more of the dates won't work for your schedule.
- You will receive additional details about where to meet up, who to look for on site, etc leading up to the event.