Are you looking to master the art of Tarot, and take your life to the next level?

Spend a weekend live with Jordan River, the Creator of Spirit Science and Patch Tarot, to learn the sacred art of Tarot, Qabalah, Numerology, Astrology, and the Tree of Life.

Learn to read the blueprint of the human consciousness and the various mystic arts associated with it (Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, Tree of Life), in order to support and serve your own spiritual growth and the growth of others using Tarot as a sacred foundation.

Tarot Life Mastery is designed to take anyone, at any level, and get them to a state of being confident and comfortable doing Tarot readings at an expert level for anyone in your life, and to use the Tarot to gain insight to any question you might have.

This course will be a live event, taking place on September 21st and 22th at the Spirit Studios office, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ticket-holders will be notified via email the specific location of the venue on September 18th.

This is not just a lecture, this will be a highly interactive workshop.

No previous knowledge of Tarot is required.

What’s in the course:

Upon arrival you will receive a Patch Tarot deck.

Day 1:

- The History of Tarot

- Discover the essential nature of the Tarot from the ground up

- Learn how the Tarot can be used as a tool for spiritual awakening

- Explore the nature of the Four Arcana (secrets) of the Tarot

- Discover in exceptional depth on how the Tarot is comprised of many ancient systems such as Astrology, Numerology, the Tree of Life, and more.

- Learn how to perform basic readings for your clients in a practical setting.

Day 2

- Discover the hidden esoteric nature of the Tarot

- Discover how to use Tarot to draw upon sacred and ancient wisdom

- Learn to read the nature of the cards at a deeper level than ever before.

- Learn how the Tarot can be used to create shifts in practical ways of the human experience, from relationships to solving financial problems.

- Master the art of doing in-depth readings for yourself and others.

Each day will also comprise of several practice sessions to get you comfortable with doing Tarot readings for others. No prior experience with Tarot is required.

If you are coming in from out of town, you will be responsible for travel and locating a place to stay. We recommend the Fort Garry Hotel (FGH), which is near to the Spirit Science Office.

Total class time will be 14 hours, classes will go from 9 am till 5 pm both days with an hour break for lunch in the middle.

What to bring:

- A pen and notebook

- Your A-Game

I am looking forward to seeing you there, and evolving together in light, love, and harmony with all of creation.