Musicians often say flippantly they don’t fit into a single category, but that’s an understatement with C.R. Avery. The Vancouver-based artist has carved out a singular career as a singer/songwriter, poet and playwright, with his music bridging the divide between traditional blues, folk, and cutting-edge hip-hop. And he's just made a movie.

What makes Avery unique is how effortlessly he continues to create without any regard to artistic boundaries. His foundation remains the power of words and rhythm, and building compelling stories on top of that. Anyone who bemoans the idea that there are fewer original voices within Canada needs only to be pointed toward Avery’s wide-ranging body of work.

A few days before his first StuDome appearance, he called to say "we're on our way". Thinking it was a solo show, I asked "who is "we"?" "Oh, just me and the string quartet." And that didn't count the conductor/guitarist/drummer or the extra violinist they kidnapped in Brandon.

The last time he was here, it was with a 5-piece theatrical soul review complete with a timed lighting rig fit for Broadway which gets our vote as coolest show to ever happen on Grosvenor Avenue.

This time, we're finally getting that solo show I thought I booked 10 years ago. You might think that sounds like a step down from the epic productions we've seen in the past. If so, you clearly need to see more CR Avery shows. Start with this one and prepare to have your mind blown. Boom.

Location needs to be clarified - 1025 Grosvenor Ave, Winnipeg