Birth Classes taught by two passionate doulas and birth educators who support all birthing families in a judgment free, supportive and welcoming environment. Get all the information that you need to make informed choices, give birth in the way that feels right for you and learn how to birth with comfort and ease. We take a holistic approach to birth in that we look at all aspects- physical, mental and emotional aspects of the birthing person in labour.

After taking our birth classes you will walk away:

With a confident Birth Partner who is familiar with birth and knows how to support you

With a sense of trust in your body and what it is capable of

A clear understanding of Physiological Birth and what you can do before and during labour to encourage a normal, healthy birth with or without interventions

Knowing your options (whether you are birthing at home, birth center or hospital) in Birth and how to navigate interventions

A Birth Plan that you can provide your health providers to help communicate your wishes and preferences regarding care during labour

Tools for Coping with Labour Pain and Strategies for Labour Progression

In our comprehensive birth class series we will cover:

The Mind/Body Connection

Mindfulness and Pain Perception

Stages and Phases of Labour

Breathing, Relaxation and Coping Strategies

Birth and Body Confidence

Navigating Your Options & Medical Interventions

Birth and Postpartum Planning

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

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