Yasmina Ramzy invites you to be a member of an innovative project!

12 hours / 3 days / 1 performance

Master Choreographer and Artistic Director of Internationally renowned Arabesque Dance Company, Earthshakers and YRArt's Global Collective, Yasmina will create a dynamic and theatrical choreography embracing your individual talents.

The result of the weekend will end with a full-length performance featuring the ensemble work. To be a participant in Yasmina Ramzy's creative process is a rare and profound learning opportunity where every dancer is seen as a unique and vital ingredient.

Yasmina’s vast experience and exceptional approach to Art have been inspiration for dance artists, troupes and dance companies all around the world. The newest program of the director is tailored to artists and teachers who wish to cultivate authenticity and creativity by letting go of being "always in control" and let the soul speak through body movement.

We have secured some great rates at The Inn at the Forks for participants from out of town. Please message us for special pricing codes.

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