Cam Penner's new album 'At War With Reason' and live shows have been receiving rave reviews. Him and his long time musical cohort Jon Wood have been touring the new album through Europe and will be bringing their traveling show to Canada this year.

"It was a long winter. I spent my days working down at the homeless shelter and the nights in my studio in the woods carving away at songs, sounds, structures. Watching it collapse. Rebuilding. I threw everything at the wall. Ideas. Words. Frustration. Anger. The temperature fell. I fed the fire. I kicked. I strummed. I struggled with myself and humanity. The songs were born from the winter; from the darkness. But there is a light in every one of them. A hope. The search for the better."

Cam Penner doesn’t so much sing songs as summon them up like a medium calling up spirits. His gentle growl can become a Delta howl, as if he is the conduit, a mere medium articulating the blues of a whole continent, emanating from a bottomless well of shared every persons experience. His remarkably sympathetic foil, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon. The distinctive flow, the masterful musical bonding and the overall atmosphere they create is both endearing and humbling. They make you want to listen closely to every word and each hand-crafted note. Their unrivaled attention-demanding presence marks this duo apart from other acts.

His music has been featured on NPR’s, All Music Considered, BBC’s 2016 mini-series Stonemouth, and has charted on the Folk Billboard Chart’s Top Twenty.