Yoga enables us to feel more comfort, and less pain, enhance flexibility, and improve strength and stamina. Breath work, gentle yoga postures and meditation are learned to enhance relaxation, flexibility, and confidence. In pregnancy, feeling physical ease which allows appreciation for the miracle growing within; during childbirth, having the strength and confidence to get through it no matter what happens; and for parenting, learning to go with the flow of new life with a baby.

Our instructor teaches a style of yoga that is gentle to the body, allowing anyone of any age to practice and flourish. There is always an emphasis on breath, and on the energy and alignment of the body throughout. Classes are taught intuitively, being guided from the heart, with the intention of meeting the needs of all students.

When: Classes are grouped in month series of 4-5 classes. Classes occur on Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15pm. Registration prior to the beginning of each series is required.

How much: $52-$65 (depending on the number of classes in a series)

Where: 206-83 SHERBROOK ST, Winnipeg

Who: Anyone 12+ weeks pregnant

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.