Come and focus on such an important topic as autism. The event will have live music, cash bar, silent auction and is family friendly.

"My name is Amy Robinson and I have a 16 year old boy named Asher with profound Autism. He has been diagnosed with severe intellectual disabilities and is an extreme flight risk. He is police monitored as he runs toward train yards and has no sense of danger, running into strange houses, and in traffic. 

As Asher has grown the challenges have increased and I was given a 24 hour chunk of respite hours for weekend support. These hours were in place for a couple years but not used as a suitable respite home was not available due to the home modifications that would need to be done. My home has had $10 000 put into it for Asher safety reasons. I looked into building a tiny house for my son to use as a respite home with the possibility of using it well into adulthood as a staffed placement to avoid an institution type setting. 

Having respite in home is more difficult as I have 4 other children (2 also on the ASD spectrum). Relocating my family so Asher can have the house is highly impractical as I have no extended family in Manitoba. Last summer my friend Loralie started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for a tiny house. I also went on the radio and a news story was written up regarding the respite home. The account brought in 2250 and donations came in separately for $25 000. The original goal was to raise 70 000. 

I made an offer on a used tiny house last fall but the sale fell through as my yard space was too small. Last June, above detached garage suites were passed by the local bylaws. When I became aware of this, I contacted an architectural technician to design plans to make a suite above my garage. My intention is to use this as a respite space and potentially long term home for my son. The space is much more conducive as Asher is a two to one staff ratio meaning he requires two staff at all times. 

My heart has never been able to accept the idea of my child going into a group home or an 8 bed institution like what the city is currently building for high need children like mine. I firmly believe it takes an entire village to raise a child and I am asking my village to help make this home a reality for my boy."