How to get into the Top 50 experts of our city

TOP Experts are twenty authorized users with the most reviews.

If you
- often visit city institutions and want to share their experiences with residents,
- have witnessed a curious case and want to complain about the service or write an appeal to the owners of the enterprise
- visited the premiere of the film or an interesting event and considers it necessary to write a review for the film, and maybe thank the organizers of the event

How to get to the block of experts

Reviews of "Experts" are always the first in the list of comments, and the user with Expert status falls into the TOP list. Once you are in the Top, you not only become the most popular blogger in the city and get your regular readers, but also participate in drawing valuable prizes and gifts

Comments can be removed if they violate one or more rules for publishing reviews:

1.1. The feedback must be informative and informative, including the description of the services received, and based on personal experience with the company.
1.1. It is forbidden to use obscene and / or offensive language.
1.3. Contact information is not allowed for publication. The contact information includes: phone number, e-mail address, website address, social networking addresses and so on.
1.4. Phrases discrediting honor and dignity of a person, as well as containing threats, are not allowed for publication.
1.5. The mention in the text of any organization other than the one for which feedback is received, is subject to editing or deletion.
1.6. Prohibition of the use of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited.
1.7. It is forbidden to place any advertising materials.
1.8. Spam, as well as reviews equivalent to spam, are subject to removal.
1.9. It is forbidden to specify incorrect or inaccurate information.
1.10. The information contained in the response, in the case of its unsubstantiated, can be equated with the unreliable and deleted.
1.11 The administration of the resource reserves the right to request from the authors of the reviews and the owners of the company cards any additional documents and information on the subject of recall, which allows to confirm / refute this or that information in a response whose reliability is doubtful. The information provided in this case is confidential and is not subject to publication or transfer to third parties.
1.12. Placement of reviews under different names on the page of one company is equated with inaccurate information.
1.13. Comments and responses not related to the company's activities are subject to removal.
1.14. Reviews that discriminate against groups based on their race or ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity are not allowed to be accommodated.
1.15. The photographs attached to the reviews should not contain unpleasant or shocking personnel, images of alcohol and tobacco products, and also contain certain information only for persons over 18 years of age.
1.16 By publishing any objects of copyright and / or related rights (for example, photo, video, audio, text materials and images), the user confirms that he is the copyright owner of these objects and / or confirms the written consent of the owner of exclusive rights (in including the rights to own images) to publish these objects.
1.17 The administration of the resource is not responsible for the materials placed by users, which are objects of copyright and / or related rights. Any such objects can be deleted by the Administration upon a written request of the holder of exclusive rights. Responsibility to the copyright holder is borne by the user who, through his actions, committed a violation of the law on copyright and related rights.
1.18. It is not allowed to place completely identical reviews on the pages of different companies.
1.19. Personal data can be hidden from the site.

Thank you for participating in posting information on the resource!