The 68-Year-Old Guinness World Record Holder Stopped in Winnipeg While Cycling Across Canada

The 68-Year-Old Guinness World Record Holder Stopped in Winnipeg While Cycling Across Canada

This news flew around the city after Lynn Salvo was spotted near a statue of the famous Indian leader and peace activist Mahatma Gandhi.

This cycling route across Canada is 6400 km long and it is dedicated to world peace, so her visit to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi has become quite symbolic. Mahatma Gandhi was a world-famous Indian public figure, politician, fighter for independence and his philosophy influenced many people all over the world.

Lynn Salvo is not a usual woman. Most of her peers live the life of ordinary pensioners.  However, such life is not for this woman. Lynn Salvo does not let her age disrupt or even make some adjustments to her plans and is full of strength and determination.  Lynn is sure that everything only begins in her life. Perhaps, her confidence and inner strength are taken from her heredity, because her father died at the age of 98, and her mother is 94 at the present moment and she is full of vitality and energy.

Her journey began on the 10th of June and she plans to complete it in 70 days. Her visit to Winnipeg is not accidental. She visited the monument, which is part of the 8 peace monuments that she plans to see during her cycling trek. Mahatma Gandhi statue became the 4th on her list. To stop at the Peace Tower and the Canadian Peacekeeping Monument in Ottawa is also in her plans.

The woman has already made cycling trip 5,000 km long across the USA and she is not afraid of new trials. Canada is wider than the United States, so she accepted a new challenge with pleasure. Canada struck a woman at first sight. The country seems to her quiet and safe. During her first cycle trek, she was asked a lot of questions about safety aspects. Now, the woman can say for sure that she feels relaxed and full of new emotions.

Lynn Salvo has a blog Life is Like a Bike and she writes all her news there. She shows all the places that she has visited, all the interesting people she has met and all fascinated things that she has seen to her followers. She wants to make her blog interesting and alive, and not only to show what she eats and where she lives.

This charming woman set her Guinness World Record in 2016 for her ocean-to-ocean cycling and this time she is going to be the oldest woman who will manage to cycle across Canada. Setting Guinness World Record was really a huge achievement in her life. She is incredibly proud of herself and is full of plans for the future.

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