Strange Incidents in Manitoba: Mail Continues to Disappear

Strange Incidents in Manitoba: Mail Continues to Disappear

Residents of the RM of Springfield see locks on the ground, empty mailboxes, and experience many inconveniences because of this problem.

These thefts have been occurring for several months already. Residents of the rural community are extremely worried about what is happening. Some people find letters in the grass, some just see locks on the ground and empty mailboxes.

The situation is terrible. People are picking up the locks from the ground day by day and nothing changes. Some of them expressed their opinion and reported some details of what they saw in the hope of solving the problem.

For example, Rodney Olson lives just across the street from his mailbox in Oakbank and he said that the facts of mail loss were fixed all summer.  Another person, Debbie Berg, lives just a few meters away from her mailbox. The woman said her mailbox had been empty for several months already.

Upset people made posts about strange events happening with their mailboxes in their social networks to warn and to inform others. The most unpleasant thing that can happen in this situation is that thieves can find out people’s personal and banking information, and use it for their own mercenary purposes.

A representative of Canada Post reported that the Police is aware of what is happening and is trying to take all necessary measures to find the mail thieves. Also, Canada Post has big plans to change all mailboxes for new, safe and durable.

Besides that, Phil Legault, a spokesperson for Canada Post, asked everybody who sees any suspicious persons or suspicious behavior near the mailboxes, not to hesitate and immediately contact Canada Post's Customer Service at the specified phone number: 1-800-267-1177.

However, Canada Post had problems with new mailboxes some years ago. In Winnipeg, a lot of people complained that their keys did not fit the new boxes and they could not get their mail in 2015. Residents of the RM of Springfield hope that they will not face the same trouble.

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