Banning Plastic Straws Can Cause Inconvenience to Certain Groups of People

Banning Plastic Straws Can Cause Inconvenience to Certain Groups of People

Canadians have been fighting to ban plastic for a long time. The idea of imposing taboos on the use of plastic straws caused a storm of joy among Canadian ecologists and ordinary residents.

Plastic is one of the main polluting factors that cause damage to the surrounding environment and the sea fauna. As effective programs for processing of plastic are absent and it provides a real threat to the living beings, damaging their digestive system.

More than 50 restaurants agreed to abandon the use of plastic straws. However, this can lead to negative consequences for some groups of people. For example, people having ALS can’s drink water or any other beverages without using plastic straws.

So, a new green law can become a real problem for them. After restaurants get rid of all plastic, people with ALS will need to take special measures to be able to have a drink when they want and anywhere they want.

City authorities do not try to deprive people with disabilities of life convenience, however, plastic is rather a serious problem that must be solved. At the moment there is a proposal to use stainless steels straws in city restaurants.  

Stainless steels straws are a great idea to provide such people with everything necessary to meet their needs in public places. This idea needs time for realization and in order to avoid inconvenience, people with ALS should take care of themselves and take plastic straws from their homes every time they go out.

“If you want to drink your cup of coffee, you better have something with you,” Diana Rasmussen of the ALS Society of Manitoba said on Tuesday.

The struggle against plastic began actively in the spring of 2018 after the prime minister of the United Kingdom made a statement about the intention to stop the sale and use of plastic straws by the end of the year.The Prime Minister of Canada also supported that decision. 

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