A Man Lost His Work Because of Offensive Comments Made on Transgender People

A Man Lost His Work Because of Offensive Comments Made on Transgender People

This situation happened on Monday, while Dave was on the air.  He compared these people with pretending actors. His comments were said in response to the recent interview given by Scarlett Johansson, in which she explained her desire to stop playing in the movie where she was cast to be a transgender person.

That decision was made after she heard an opinion that only transgender actors should be transgender movie characters. Dave’s video quickly gained popularity in social networks and received many comments.

A lot of people were disturbed by the opinion of a young man. Kara Fraser, who considers herself an ally to the transgender community, left a message in order to make Wheeler change his attitude towards transgender people and to understand that his comments were rather intolerant.

Her disappointment was unlimited. Radio station’s parent company decided to dismiss Dave and made comment on the situation. Andrea Goldstein said that Dave’s words were unacceptable and appropriate measures had already been taken.

Goldstein reported that Rogers Media understands the complexity of the incident happened on the air and it will do its best to avoid any unethical behavior of radio hosts. The man also informed that Wheeler’s comments did not represent the standards and core values of the company, and he apologized for Dave Wheeler's behavior.

Transgender community representative was invited to the show to say a few words. Cynthia Fortlage said that she was stunned by Dave’s behavior. She added that his words hurt the community a lot and Dave probably did not anticipate the consequences of his statements.

Cynthia asked to treat them like human beings in the hope that such things will not happen in the future. Her main idea was to make other people accept transgender people as equal members of society.

In her opinion, the problem of human rights is very relevant and is found all over the world. People should learn to be tolerant and to respect each other. There should not be any discrimination in the right of transgender people.   

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