The Police Cannot Find out the Circumstances of the Attack on a Woman for 3 Months Already

The Police Cannot Find out the Circumstances of the Attack on a Woman for 3 Months Already

The incident occurred in April, and now a woman has been in the hospital for 3 months already.

No one knows what happened. The victim's family is desperate to find out any truth. However, all the circumstances of this incident are still covered by a veil of secrecy.

The family assumes that there was an attack on a woman. The police, in turn, cannot confirm this statement, because there is no evidence of this. The woman was found near the University of Winnipeg with numerous injuries.

The woman is Renee Green, she is 38 and she is a singer and a musician. Being in the hospital, the woman undergoes rehabilitation after two operations. Her forecasts are not very optimistic: she barely speaks and understands words.

A member from her family tries to find some information asking her questions, but without results. Renee can’t even count to ten. According to the police, on April 23 at about one a.m. there was a report that a woman was found in the area of Portage Avenue and Balmoral Street.

At this time, it is usually quite crowded, the police tried to find witnesses or at least someone who owned information and could help clarify the situation. 3 months have passed and as it becomes clear, the police service is still at a dead end, not being able to explain to the family what happened with Renee.

Renee’s family members announced their intention to place posters on city streets with a request to any person who owns at least some information on this case to inform them.

Waiting for answers is very painful for relatives, it is even more painful for them to think that the police incompetence led to such results and a dangerous person walks the streets and can attack other innocent people.

All people who know Reni hope that the situation will clear up and they will be able to get answers to all their questions. Also, close people hope for her speedy recovery. 

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