St. Boniface Soil Tests: Deploying Air Monitoring Station

This problem in St. Boniface neighborhood is dealt with at the governmental level. The government promises to punish the perpetrators and deal with the current situation. The situation is complicated by the current uncertainty with statistical data.

This is a huge problem because the environmental situation in the region can be significantly worsened. At the moment, Manitoba's policies do not say clear time intervals for changing the situation with the environment. Many users in social networks say those poetics do not have a clear plan for resolving the current situation and the ecological environment. According to the authorities, the situation is under control and the level of pollution is gradually falling. At the moment, politicians do not call exact figures or specific statistics about the incident. Responsible for the environmental situation, officials respond to questions with common phrases and argue that everything is under control.

Contaminated soil can cause damage to crops and orchards. Farmers and agricultural enterprises were instructed about the situation. According to recent soil measurements, the situation began to improve. The overall level of pollution has fallen to the minimum boundary level available for living. If the level of pollution does not go down, the government will take appropriate measures.

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