The Police is Asking Canadians to Help Find the Swindlers

The Police is Asking Canadians to Help Find the Swindlers

According to official sources, more than 200 people complained that their mailboxes had been broken since April in Springfield, St. Clements, East St. Paul and Selkirk.

There were changes in the investigation when it became known that suspicious individuals cashed stolen checks. The RCMP reported that a man and a woman forged their names on checks, and then used them for their own personal goals.

Some of these checks were stolen from mailboxes in Winnipeg. Brady Laverdure, 29 and Ryan Fortescue, 44 were arrested on June, 29. Both of them were charged with committed crimes: theft and forgery of documents.

At the moment the RCMP is asking all people who possess any information to help find these two persons because they failed to comply with a court order.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police is also searching for Mr. Laverdure because of his obstruction of justice.

The police are actively investigating and hope for the help of Canadians and their assistance in capturing these criminals. All people who have any information about two individuals from the photo above should contact the RCMP at 204-444-3847 or leave a message on

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