'Rangers' signed a one-year contract with Cody McLeod

'Rangers' signed a one-year contract with Cody McLeod

The contract with the forward is designed for one year. It is assumed that during this time the 34-year-old hockey player will earn about 750 thousand dollars. Under the previous agreement, the Canadian salary was 1.33 million.

The club management stated that the contract is unusually profitable for both sides. Recall that last season, McLeod began in "Nashville", but moved to the club from New York through draft failures. In the "Rangers" he spent 48 matches and scored 4 (1 + 3) points. According to the management of the club, Cody McLeod will significantly strengthen the team's game due to personal qualities. At this point, the athlete adapts in the training camp to join the team in the future games.

Less favorable contract suggests that the athlete is not at the peak of his standards. However, according to Cody MacLeod, he is ready for new sports achievements and is full of energy.

In the period from 2005 to 2016, the Canadian hockey player defended the colors of the Colorado Avalanche club. Based on the athlete's current condition, this club can become the final point in his long career.