The gap between dinner and bedtime is necessary. It will link to lower cancer risk: study

The gap between dinner and bedtime is necessary. It will link to lower cancer risk: study , Artem Shahoferov

The study was conducted in fixed in laboratory conditions with a detailed calculation of all characteristics and individual characteristics of the patient's body. 

The research was conducted to find out the dependence on abundant food before bed and breast cancer. All studies were conducted in an isolated environment so that scientists could obtain the most accurate statistical data. More than 2 years of flare studies have allowed considering every aspect of digestion and functioning of the human body. All the information received is scientifically documented with surgical precision. The result of the research was a whole series of evidence of the original theory put forward by the doctors. The result of several years of research showed that people who took dinner for 2 or more hours before Emily's sleep were 20% less likely to develop cancer. All patients who ate dinner just before bedtime had a greater percentage of pathology and the possibility of getting cancer. This is an excellent statistical data that can underlie the prevention of cancer in most people. 

Researchers also advise forming a diet exclusively from those products that are suitable for your type of organism. Separate nutrition is very important for the formation of the correct energy background of the body. That such time intervals between meals intake of activity and rest must be strictly observed. Otherwise, you can harm your body. Based on the research data, many nutritionists can compose an individual diet to prevent the development of cancer cells. The data of the study in the most detailed analysis of the predisposition to cancer cells because of the wrong interval and intensity of nutrition. Field studies have shown a general reduction in the risk of disease. 

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