A Year After 'Despacito' Has Latin Music became a new trend on Canadian Radio?

A Year After 'Despacito' Has Latin Music became a new trend on Canadian Radio?
A Year After 'Despacito' Has Latin Music became a new trend on Canadian Radio?

The song "Despacito" performed by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber was a real hit. According to Mississauga (a singer from Ontario with Guatemalan roots), the modern English-speaking community actively listens to music in Spanish. According to Mississauga, all her friends ask her to record an album in Spanish. Latin America and its culture have become a popular trend on Canadian radio and social networks. Many experts believe that this is a temporary phenomenon. A similar moment happened when the song Los Del Mar's "Macarena" was the worlds hit in 1995. The genre developed separately, practically not appearing on the waves of the Canadian radio. Nevertheless, such artists as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Nelly Furtado had a huge success with Hispanic songs.

Many Canadian music critics argue that this stylistic tendency has been brewing for a long time. Modern realities are such that Latin artists are increasingly appearing in the radio charts. According to multiple polls in social networks, the majority of Canadian residents love the melodic motifs of Hispanic songs and the overall structure. At the same time, not every listener understands the meaning of the song. Many of them don’t even use Google to get the translation. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Latin music is melodic enough and you do not need to know the translation of the song in order to enjoy it.

According to statistics compiled by Nielsen Music Canada, Hispanic songs increased their airtime by 71% last week. Such growth rates cannot be written off. Such figures are very impressive, even despite a short time span. One year ago, “Despacito” song was in the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 chart. Nevertheless, Hispanic songs occupy no more than 2% of the total airtime of Canadian radio stations. Many people on social networks are sincerely happy for the Spanish-speaking performers and wish them creative success. Some people note that they want to see the success of such artists without attracting foreign stars like Justin Bieber. Some singer, like Valentine and her sister Nadia King, made their own decision to sing in Spanish. According to the girls, this is not an attempt to make money on the current trend, but an informed choice.

The Spanish language is very melodic and gentle. Features of this language help express your emotions to the fullest. However, the sisters do not believe that Canadian listeners are ready to take all the songs only in Spanish. For native speakers of English and French, this is difficult to understand. Many companies, like Corus Radio, create original song lists taking into account Hispanic novelties. Many leading radio stations note that the search for hit songs in foreign languages is similar to the searching for a unicorn in the garden. Nevertheless, interest in these musical compositions is growing and can become a stable trend on Canadian radio in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

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