The Agreement with Health Care Providers from Minnesota Will Be Renewed in August

The Agreement with Health Care Providers from Minnesota Will Be Renewed in August

The new agreement will take effect on the 1st of August this year. This statement was made by Manitoba's Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen. The current agreement has not changed for 20 years.

The decision to make changes was made according to the numerous complaints and dissatisfaction from Manitobans, the current agreement has a lot of inaccuracies. The number of services constantly grows, and people do not have any idea what services are covered by their insurance, and what are not.

In this regard, people have a lot of problems. For example, a man named Robin Milne had a heart attack two years ago. Firstly, he was delivered to Roseau, but then he was taken to North Dakota, where he was not covered. After several months, the man received a $180-thousand bill for his treatment.

The new health agreement will clarify a lot of information for Manitoba citizens and the situation will change for the better. Manitobans will have an opportunity to use STARS Air Ambulance. So, it will take the same time to deliver them both from Roseau to Grand Forks and from Roseau to Health Sciences Centre.

Accordingly, the new agreement will reduce the risks to human health.Also, it became known that the communication system between the hospitals in Roseau and Warrood with the Center for Medical Sciences in Winnipeg will be improved.

In the future, the health agreement will be renewed every year to make it corresponding to the requests of all residents.

From August 2018, Manitobans will be able to get necessary medical help directly in health centers in Manitoba. Health care providers from the USA will give all necessary records to their patients to transfer them to new doctors.  

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