A Series of Fires in Winnipeg: Who is Guilty?

A Series of Fires in Winnipeg: Who is Guilty?

Dozens of fires occurred in Winnipeg in May and at the beginning of July. City municipality blames CN Rail because all fires happened within 100 meters from the center line of a railway track.

A thorough investigation was conducted on this issue, in connection with which it was revealed that the disruption of the operation of locomotives or any equipment defects that could lead to fires had not been found.

Patrick Waldronof CN Public Affairs told that no evidence of the involvement of CN Rail to the series of fires was identified.

However, the Fire Department of the city believes that there is a certain share of CN Rail’ s guilt, and the city wants to receive cost recovery from the railway company.

David Driedger, manager of corporate communications, reported that all financial issues would be discussed according to the applicable legislation. 

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