Two Backcountry Areas Are Closed Because of Wildfires

Two Backcountry Areas Are Closed Because of Wildfires

Manitoba government decided to close two canoe and backcountry areas in order to protect travelers and tourists from various injuries and risks due to numerous wildfires.

As it became known, the Bird River-Elbow Lake Canoe Route, access corridor area in Atikaki Provincial Park, The Bloodvein River recreational canoeing and 19 designated water route campsites in Nopiming Provincial Park will not work until wildfire problem is solved.

In provincial parks and other places in Manitoba, there are restrictions on actions that can provoke fires. They relate not only to the behavior of tourists, but also to industrial works, the utilization of garbage, fireworks, and so on.

We want to remind that about 160 wildfires of different scale have already happened in Manitoba this spring. Although the vast majority of them happened because of inattentive handling of fire, an unusually arid spring lead to the spread of wildfires.

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