A sudden waterspout tornado near Roblin Lake

A sudden waterspout tornado near Roblin Lake

Hayleigh Langan was working at the Pyott West Campground and saw the tornado first. The incident was filmed on camera. According to eyewitnesses, the weather phenomenon lasted only a few minutes but managed to scare the citizens. According to the ECCC meteorologist Heather Pimiskern report, the weather phenomenon did not harm the infrastructure or local residents.

There are no injuries or casualties among the population. Recently, many tornadoes and tornadoes are raging on Manitoba. These weather phenomena are accompanied by hail and strong gusts of wind. On the territory of the province, there is a storm warning.

Authorities recommend the population to refrain from long trips to the countryside. The situation is complicated by multiple facts of local destruction. The authorities report one fatal outcome, due to contact with the tornado. According to forecasts of meteorologists, these weather events will last about two weeks. A tornado definition by the American Meteorology Society is a rapidly rotating funnel-shaped tornado, descending from a cumulonimbus cloud or forming under a cumulonimbus cloud and touching the ground. Approaching, the tornado produces a sound similar to the rumbling of a train or to the sound of a waterfall.

How is this terrible phenomenon going on? At first, an ominous cloud appears on the horizon. It becomes unusually stuffy and hot. Then a gentle wind rises and the rain begins to drizzle. Suddenly, the temperature drops sharply. There comes an unbearable cold. From the impending clouds, the "pillar" drops, rotating at a tremendous speed.

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