Boaters from Manitoba were found alive

Boaters from Manitoba were found alive, Artem Shahoferov

On the way to Poplar River, the boat ran out of oil. Stewart Hansen decided to sail to the George Island because there was an old fisherman's hut. The group hoped to find their fuel or an opportunity to contact the rescuers. The situation worsened because the group did not have food with them.

Sadie Bergman and Stewart Hansen managed to light a fire. People claim that the hut was empty. It was dark and cold. Stewart Hansen found the radio and tried to set it up for communication with the outside worlds. The island of George is about 30 km from the banks of the Poplar River, so the connection was established only by the evening of Saturday. Twyla Batenchuk claims that they were in seventh heaven with happiness when they managed to establish a connection with the rescuers. It was very cold on weekends. A group of people found only an old tarp that served as a blanket. The situation was aggravated by the lack of food. Stewart Hansen believed until the last that they would be saved since his son was a commercial fisherman.

Thanks to the fact that on Monday the group on the island was able to convey a signal for help, in the evening they were delivered oil for refueling the boat. Relatives of the victims promptly sailed to the island to assist. Thus, by the evening of Monday, a group of people was already at home. According to Twyla Bruce, everyone was very hungry and exhausted. The usual walk along the lake could end very sad if the radio connection could not be found. Stewart Hansen thanked all the people involved in the rescue operation. According to the men, if it were not for the prompt assistance of all rescuers, a group of people would have to starve on the island. This situation once again proves the danger of long trips on the water without additional fuel. Despite all the unplanned events, the situation could be avoided. Rescuers advise boatmen to have at least a small fuel reserve, in order to prevent the emergence of unforeseen situations.

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