Bear Attack at Whiteshell Provincial Park

Bear Attack at Whiteshell Provincial Park

The incident occurred on Saturday near South Cross Lake.

The bear climbed onto the campsite in search of food. Slipping his paw on the tent, he was getting on the girl with claws. Then the bear tried to get a backpack with products, fixed on a tree. According to eyewitnesses, the girl's father managed to scare off the bear. The rest of the people in the tent warned all the people in the camp.

The bear managed to drive out, and people were successfully evacuated. After carrying out a number of medical procedures in the hospital, the girl was released home with her parents. According to the doctors, her condition is satisfactory. On the same day, the bear was seen sailing towards Caddy Lake. The attacks of bears have increased recently. Janine Stewart, a biologist and wildlife specialist, advises safer to store various supplies with a strong odor. According to the expert, black bears have an excellent sense of smell. In the food, they can go dozens of kilometers. The smell of food or debris can attract them to the camp.

With the approach of August, the appetite of bears is growing. That's why you should store all food and strong smelling supplies in sealed containers. The specialist noted that it is better to move around in groups, especially in open areas. Creating enough noise, a group of people can scare off a bear. If a dog travels with people, it should be kept on a leash.