Winnipeg Fringe Festival: 4 best shows of Indigenous talents

Winnipeg Fringe Festival: 4 best shows of Indigenous talents

The event always attracts many people and indigenous talents. It's not always easy to find the real highlight of the event, but Stephanie Cram (CBC review crew) has found 4 shows worthy of attention.

1. Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land

Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land is the best one. Nakota, a young Anishinaabe boy, stuck in the hospital. His story Nakota wrote being sick and while bedridden. The story begins with the fact that the boy was thinking about writing a story based on his favorite comic strip of Wolverine. The boy is obsessed with the idea, but as a result, his grandfather's visit changes everything. Nakota meets Rocko in the hospital. A chance meeting allows them to take a fresh look at life and write their own history. Josh Languedoc wrote this story and played the role of Anishinaabe. As a narrator, he skillfully conveys the details of the story, reincarnates in many characters, conveying the depth of connection of the little boy with his ancestors.

2. Whiteface

Whiteface is a unique show created by Todd Houseman and Lady Vanessa Cardona. This is a fairly fresh and original view of the life of indigenous peoples. Todd Houseman and Lady Vanessa Cardona are native inhabitants. In their submission, the authors are white people trying on the image of indigenous peoples. Actors live someone else's life. The whole process is accompanied by dialogues, short phrases, and various arguments. Some elements of the show are slightly tightened but do not spoil the overall impression. The final monologue of Vanessa Cardona captures the audience. The woman says she no longer feels pain or suffering, but still wants to express the collective feelings of indigenous people. Indians, most likely, will find this play amusing because it has a lot of satire and public cliches. Another part of the audience will receive information for reflection, based on the centuries-old history of the indigenous people.

3. WOKE Comedy Hour: Fringe Edition

«Woke Comedy Hour: Fringe Edition» is another good example of a stand-up showcase. All action is based on bold and determined women of Winnipeg. Like many alternative views, Woke Comedy Hour: Fringe Edition has strengths and weaknesses. The show is produced by Frances Koncan, the Anishinaabe-Slovenian producer. Many comedians presented interesting numbers on a variety of subjects, amusing the audience. The general concept was not aimed at banal topics. Danielle Kayahara was the Headliner of the evening performance. Her speech was a real sensation. Like George Carlin, she joked about her personal life, sharp and piquant moments and even about the death of her parents. Her jokes were often on the verge of a foul, but the skill of their performance delighted spectators.

4. Mother's Little Secret

Mother's Little Secret is Jo MacDonald's Fringe premiere. History draws attention to two daughters and their elderly mother. In the process of caring for the mother, the daughter discovers that she has many secrets from a past life. One of the daughters even believes that her mother used to be a spy. The plot does not reveal much the history of the mother but has many original variations. Humor is easily perceived and leaves only positive impressions. In general, the performance was warmly received by the public. Many noted the extraordinary elegance of some dialogues.

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