The Annual Crime Report 2017 is Published: The Crime Rate in Winnipeg Continues to Grow

The Annual Crime Report 2017 is Published: The Crime Rate in Winnipeg Continues to Grow

Recently published statistics show an increase in crime rates in Winnipeg in general and in almost all areas of the city from 2016 to 2017. Police Chief Danny Smyth said that he was convinced of this on personal experience and confirmed the increase in the level of violent crimes.

Local residents also complain about the deterioration of the situation. Ashleigh Ward announced the breaking of her house and the repeated incidents of vandalism around it. The woman is sure that all criminals in the district are united by one factor. In her opinion, this is the methamphetamine use.

According to statistics for the past year, the level of violent crimes increased by 7%, property theft increased by 9%, and the level of drug-related crimes increased by 15%. Mayor Brian Bowman stressed the importance of this statistics for developing methods of combating crime. He also believes that meth is responsible for most of the city's troubles because one-third of all murders in the city were associated with the manifestation of aggression and psychosis based on the use of meth.

The increase in the number of crimes creates a huge burden on the police and other emergency services of the city. About 600,000 calls are processed per year. Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board David Asper urged all city services and residents to stand up to fight the crisis.The government has already proposed initiatives for creating rapid access addictions clinics and increasing funding for combating drug addiction and banditry.

It is worth noting that the rise in crime is observed not only in Winnipeg but also in Manitoba, as well as in Canada as a whole. Crime in the province increased by an average of 2%, and Canada’s national crime rate increased by 1%. Residents are left hoping that the government will take effective measures, and also take an active civil position to fight a large-scale crisis.