A New Popular App Contains a Large Number of Sexual Content

A New Popular App Contains a Large Number of Sexual Content, Iryna Chyrkova

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s Cybertip.ca expressed big fears and warned parents that such a popular app as Cake - Live Stream Video Chat can contain a large amount of sexual content.

Cake - Live Stream Video Chat was originally created so that people from all over the world could share their video in a live mode. People can also send their videos to a certain person or to a large group of people.

However, everyone can use Go Private Random mode and communicate with unknown people. This mode can be used to get sexual photos and videos of teenagers, that will be saved and used without their knowledge for not very good goals in the future.

Several employees from the Protection Centre decided to check how the app works in reality and created an account. They received 4 messages and one video of a sexual nature during the day.

This app also has a function of reward- users can receive diamonds that can be exchanged for real money after a while. So, teenagers can get quite frank offers from strangers.

According to the user agreement, Cake - Live Stream Video Chat can only be used by people over 17. However, this rule is not always respected, and the app can be found even in the phone of a 13-year-old teen.

In connection with this situation, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s Cybertip.ca strongly recommends all parents to talk to their children and to explain all the risks of using Cake. They should try to protect their children from all the dangers of the app.

Also, parents should agree with the children that in case of any suspicious activity from strangers on the Internet, they tell their parents and do not keep it secret, as this can lead to extremely negative consequences.

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