Blatant behavior: Retired Shilo soldier demoted in rank because of base party incident

Blatant behavior: Retired Shilo soldier demoted in rank because of base party incident

Evan Paul was charged in September 2017 in obscene behavior. The soldier was drunk when the incident occurred. Maj. Greg Moorehead said that the party in 2016 attended the military and their second half. According to the military, Evan Paul had at that time alcohol dependence.

The man came to the event drunk and went to a group of people. Master Cpl. Paul went to one of the women and grabbed her by the chest. This act was received by all with condemnation. Many people advised the man to leave the party as soon as possible and sober up. Later, a man poked another woman in the chest. According to Moorehead, Paul's platoon had attended a briefing on Operation Honor (the Canadian Forces mission to prevent obscene sexual behavior in the army) the next day.

According to the respondents, a holiday party on Manitoba's CFB Shilo was planned as a safe and pleasant place. Many came there with families to relax and have a good time. Paul's act showed everyone that this is not so. According to eyewitnesses, the man was in a state of alcohol intoxication and regularly took new doses of alcohol. Many were shocked by Paul’s behavior. It disgraces the honor of the army and every soldier. For many party members, this has become a huge shock. The event was spoiled. The culprit of the incident was forced to leave the party. This incident spoiled the whole evening and the mood of the present party members.

According to Moorehead, the victim of the incident was shocked by what was happening. She was depressed and frightened. This act caused her moral trauma. According to eyewitnesses, Evan Paul pestered other people present in the hall and behaved inappropriately. The man himself claims that he does not remember what happened, because he was in a state of intoxication. Co-workers claim that Paul had a strong alcohol dependence, which began to progress after his second trip to Afghanistan.

CBC News does not disclose the real names of the victims, so as not to cause them moral discomfort. Paul's defense counsel, Lt. Col. Denis Berntsen, told that Paul was very worried about what happened because he does not remember what happened. The man was so depressed by his act that he decided to leave the army. According to colleagues, Paul decided to leave quickly enough.

The judge, Cmdr. Martin Pelletier agreed that the incident is absolutely vulgar and unacceptable for the soldier. By his actions, Paul discredited the honest name of a Canadian serviceman. Despite the fact that the man left the military service, it was decided to lower him in rank. If a man were in military service, he would be private instead of a master corporal. Despite the fact that Paul left the army, he will have to pay for his act for some time. The judge took into account the fact that Paul recognized his alcohol dependence and started the treatment even before the trial. Thus, Paul was punished even as a civilian. Many media noted the moment of repentance of a man.

Anyway, this incident makes us think about the quality of psychological assistance for the military. Many soldiers are fighting in hot spots and need psychological help. Unable to solve their problems, soldiers resort to alcohol and drugs.

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