More Winnipeggers use bicycles in everyday life, a poll suggests

More Winnipeggers use bicycles in everyday life, a poll suggests

More than 20 percent of respondents use their bike for daily trips. This is very convenient because the bike is much more maneuverable than the car.

About 35 percent said they would ride a bike more often if the transport infrastructure of the city improves. Most respondents were positive about the possibility of increasing the number of isolated bike lanes. The main reason for promoting cycling is its low cost and relative cheapness in servicing. Riding a bicycle replaces the Canadians with sports activities and helps to strengthen health. A warm season is an ideal time for riding a bike. This allows you to save decent money on gasoline. In addition, the modern ecological trend dictates the need to change the type of transport. Choosing a bicycle, Canadians contribute to improving the ecological situation in the country. 

The survey helped to identify a stable trend in the popularization of bicycle transport. Many people choose bikes because of their environmental friendliness and convenience of driving around the city. According to Leif Norman, active cyclists, Winnipeg is quite complex for the development of cycling. Cold storage makes cycling virtually impossible. The landscape and features of town planning also affect the choice of vehicle. If you take into account the nature and features of the terrain, you will have to admit that an ordinary citizen simply can’t do anything without a car. 

At the moment, interviewed respondents are not ready to switch to bikes completely. The following sociological surveys will address the road safety problem and the necessary changes in the road infrastructure. A sociological survey helped to identify the persistent trends and overall popularity of two-wheeled vehicles in Winnipeg. Promoting environmental transport is a priority for the government.